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The S.H.I.T. Training

Published on January 26, 2011 by in Training

Before going through all the confusing and probably boring details about the oil / gas well logging let me introduce you the special training required should you are interested in joining an oil services company. Believe me, this training is truly useful especially if you are having hard times with your boss. Here it is, and pardon the language.

trainingshit2 The S.H.I.T. Training

Although the “training sheet” above was merely a joke only you’ll find out in most cases that you agree with the writer. Working for oil services companies requires you to be able to work under pressure – both from your clients and your boss – with minimum supervision. A good communication skill is mandatory, and you are expected to be a team player, have a good trouble shooting common sense as well as taking the right decision in case of problems during your wellsite jobs. Basically, being a representative of your company you are responsible for the rig’s lost time if your logging tools fail or you perforated the well off-depth. In case that happens be prepared because your boss will come to you and chew your a**. I’ve never had off-depth perforation accidents (believe me, some guys even shot the guns at surface) but having tools failures sometimes was enough to make me thinking of quitting my job, although I managed to work for more than 13 years. It’s money matter and pride I guess, until I couldn’t take it anymore and submit my resignation letter. So guys, can we start our S.H.I.T. Training now?

Always remember: Safety is your first priority – Period.
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